Stage Plays

Murdering Macbeth

Murdering Macbeth is a darker, funnier, dancier urban adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Though cloaked with anachronistic contemporary references, music, and style, this period piece still holds true to the integrity of the original work. Death, murder, betrayal, drama, campy injections, groundbreaking dance moves, gaudy costuming, and everything in between—all on one stage.



Roomies 2

Brandon Miles returns to another world of chaos after allowing his pretentious realtor to pack his newly bought building with Brandon’s long-time friends and family who ultimately band together to file a lofty lawsuit against him. Adding to Brandon’s grief is the fact that they are represented by none other than his ex-fiance, Tamra.




Just as Brandon Miles relishes in his accomplishments of becoming a newly promoted bank manager, brand new fiancé to his high school sweetheart (Tamra), and new homeowner, he is accosted with three visitors who need a roof over their heads "for a few days." Will Brandon bow down to the pressures of his good-hearted, selfless tendencies, or will he choose to save his dissolving engagement by throwing out the intruders?



Low-Hanging Fruit

An interracial friendship of five is tested when one of them, a white cop, shoots and kills an unarmed Black teenager. 

Grounds for Divorce

Three dysfunctional couples: a janitor and nagging homemaker; a philandering, jobless shyster and his weakhearted wife; and a condescending corporate CEO and her sycophant husband seek marital counseling on the same day with Dr. Lawrence, a psychologist whose own lovelife is in shambles.