Aug 29th-Sept 8th

Murdering Macbeth  |   Stage 773   |   Chicago, IL
 Murdering Macbeth is a darker, funnier, dancier urban adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Though cloaked with anachronistic contemporary references, music, and style, this period piece still holds true to the integrity of the original work.

Using an all minority, black-led cast, Campbell reimagines the tragic fall of one of the most iconic characters in all theater. He recruited accomplished actors, professional dancers, and choreographers, and decorated fashion designers to make his re-telling vivid, avant-garde, and promisingly memorable.
Roomies 2  |   Stage 773   |   Chicago, IL
 "The sequel promises to push the envelope: go where Roomies, as outrageous as it was, wouldn't dare go. The comedy pokes fun at class, racial, sex and gender issues, while making not-so-subtle commentary about broken systems in urban America. Additionally, this second installment of the Roomies franchise, while for the most part is a romantic comedy of sorts, invites intrigue and suspense in the fold, allowing for a breathtaking cliffhanger--and the need for yet another chapter to this saga. Join us (again) as we continue on our mission to use diverse casts to tell culturally diverse stories to a diverse audience." Dane A. Campbell
Roomies  |   Stage 773   |   Chicago, IL
 A hotshot bachelor must choose between his new fiancé and his four new self-invited roommates who threaten to not only drive him insane, but her out of his life right before the holidays.
Low-Hanging Fruit   |   Stage 773   |   Chicago, IL
Low-Hanging Fruit addresses the racial tensions surrounding police shootings in the inner city and the challenges interracial friendships face in the wake of them.
Grounds for Divorce |   Black Ensemble Theatre   |   Chicago, IL
Black Ensemble Theater to produce Dane A. Campbell's comedic play Grounds for Divorce during their 12th Annual Black Playwrights Festival!.